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The website of NTRMEDNET Consortium & Digital
Library was launched on 31.05.2010. In the Website the details of the
resources of NTRMEDNET Consortium & Digital Library and the resources
available through open access i.e., free are hosted.
Some of the free full text health science/medical journals are listed below:
Contains over 500,000 free full text, peer reviewed journal articles.
FMJ offers 430 research journals predominately in English.

PLoS provides full text, peer reviewed, and scientific or medical research
articles in various subject areas
Biomed Central o
ffers 170 peer-reviewed, scientific journals with a wide
range of subject areas.
Medscape offers over 130 full text medical journal articles.
HighWire press Offers over 1.5 million free full-text journal articles related
to science and medicine.
IndMED offers 38 free full text journals published in English about Indian
Peer reviewed international collection with mostly English language
This site is a portal to other sites which in combination offers 93 medical
research journals. Most were created in India, but published in English.
This portal offers 66 journals in medical subject areas to browse.
Described as an open access medical textbook, provides over 6,500 articles.
Users have to register, which is free, to search.

This site provides links to a variety of medical journals worldwide. The
level of access varies between each journal, but it is indicated for each
journal listing.

International Conference on
Digital Libraries & Knowledge Organization – 2011
JMIR is a peer reviewed, open access journal which focuses on health
consumer informatics and the usage of the Internet in health care for
research and communication.