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DM/MCh of the National Academy of Medical Sciences

Entrance examination for DM/MCh residency Programme.

Doctorate of Medicine (DM)

Master of Chirurgiae (M.Ch)

Entry Criteria

Entry Criteria

75% of the course content in both written and clinical/viva would be set at the MD/MS level from the common general subject (related to the DM/MCh subject) like General Surgery, or Internal Medicine, or Ophthalmology etc and the rest 25% from the subject of the DM/MCh like Neurosurgery, or Gastroenterology, for which the candidate is applying.

  1. The written paper will consist of single best response MCQ type 100 questions. Time allotted will be 2 hours.

  2. The written and clinical/viva examination would be conducted by at least 4 examiners with 2 examiners from the common general subject and 2 from the subject of the DM/MCh and each examination session would be conducted by pairs of examiners and marks being awarded by both.

  3. The examiners of clinical/viva will not be aware of the marks obtained in the written or other criteria.

  4. If the total marks are equal, the candidate having the higher marks in clinical/viva would be given preference.

  5. Candidates would be selected on the merit basis: 40% of the marking would be as per the markings in written examination, 40% from clinical and viva examination and rest 20% would be given as followings:

  6. Permanent service in Govt. of Nepal or in the hospitals/institutions affiliated with the NAMS: 10%

  7. Work experience of 1 year after MD/MS in Regional, Sub-Regional, Zonal or District or equivalent Government Hospitals outside Kathmandu valley: 10%

NB:Candidates need to achieve at least 50% in MCQ Paper and 50% in clinical viva separately.

In the selection process, government candidates who are eligible for paid study leave will be given preference for admission. Other Nepali candidates will be considered for admission only if there are no successful government candidates in the available seats. Government candidates will have to compulsorily present the letter showing that paid study leave has been granted before they will be admitted to the course.

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