Message From Director

It gives me immense pleasure to have the opportunity to write few words on behalf of Bir Hospital. Bir Hospital which started in the year 1889 AD has travelled 129 years with accumulating prestige year by year.

Being the center of excellence, for the care of health : the name itself stands proud. Even people from the most rural area have heard the name "Bir Hospital" , and visit there for treatments with high expectations.

In the coming days Bir Hospital is moving robustly. By the year 2019, 100 bed shall be added to the existing 550 beds. The construction is taking rapid pace and is being built, behind the existing ward block. Newly added wing shall consists of Medical ICU, Nephrology with Dialysis, Gastroenterology and Cardiology with Cath Lab.

Simultaneously, surgical block, construction has recently been started recently with foundation laid by present right honorable Prime Minister K. P. Oli. Upon completion of the building, 650 bed shall be added to the existing infrastructure. The building shall consists of underground parking as well. This shall help in overcoming the parking problem to some extends as the hospital situated in the heart of capital of Nepal.

When finished the complete Bir Hospital shall have 1300 beds, which shall help the doctors for the better and timely treatment of patients as lack of bed and operation theater has definitely hampered the opportunity. In addition newer technologies are being added for the benefit of patients.

As of now remodeling of the entrance is on way. Systemization of ticket counter, Billing counter, enquiries and many more changes shall be integrated. This shall help the patients and family members to feel comfortable while approaching hospital for treatments and shall make hassle free.

In the present In addition referral OPD ticket counter has been established. Which facilitates referred patients, to reach the referred OPD directly rather than from going to door to door.

Similarly concept if mega project having 1000 beds hospital, nursing college, residents for staff and trainee is in the pipeline at duwakot, Bhaktapur.

Thank you

Prof. Bhupendra Kumar Basnet


Bir Hospital NAMS