The Department of Dermatology of Bir Hospital was established in 1966 AD to provide basic dermatology services. The service was expanded during the tenure of Dr Kamala Budhathoki. Being the first of its kind in the country, since its establishment, it has been giving services to the patients in the country as a tertiary referral centre for various dermatological diseases and sexually transmitted infections (STI) and leprosy cases.

Clinical Services:

Academic Program

MD Dermatology

Future Plan:

Human Resources:

Professor One (1)
Asst. Professors Two (2)
Clinical tutors One (1)
Residents Eight (8)
Medical officer One (1)
Public Health Officer One (1)
Nurse One (1)

Contact Person

Prof.Dr. Bhaskar M M Kayastha
Senior Consultant Dermatologist and
Head of the Department
NAMS, Bir Hospital